Further help with your pregnancy

Antenatal Classes

There are a few options for antenatal education. All classes fill quickly so early booking is essential. Classes usually start at around 28 - 32 weeks.

Waitakere Hospital (free): Ph: 09 4868920 ext 3048
Mama Maternity (free): Ph: 09 8158108
Grow (cost): Ph: 021884482
Parents Centre (cost): Ph: 09 4460959

There are other antenatal education courses available and these can be accessed via the Internet.


If you have any problems during your pregnancy we will refer you to the Hospital Obstetrician for a consultation so that a plan is implemented. You will still remain with your LMC but will have back up support from the Obstetrician. There are other health professionals we can refer you too if required such as Paediatricians, Physiotherapists, Lactation Consultants, Dieticians etc.