Options for pregnancy and birth care

Much has changed in New Zealand maternity care in the last 15 years and currently your options are much wider than that of your parent's generation. In New Zealand the main form of maternity provider in most areas is a midwife. Women with complex medical problems can also receive medical care from a Midwife with input from a Specialist as well. Free pregnancy and birth care is available to New Zealand Residents and those deemed eligible according to Ministry of Health guidelines.


Why you should get immunised against the flu

Influenza immunisation of pregnant women is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Because of the higher risk of influenza infection to both mother and baby, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that pregnant women should be the highest priority in seasonal influenza vaccination programmes.

Immunising a pregnant woman offers protection both to the mother, the unborn baby and to the newborn baby. And it is free for you.

Influenza immunisation could save you and your pregnancy

If you are pregnant it is important to protect yourself and your unborn baby from the flu.

Experience from previous influenza outbreaks showed that pregnant women, their unborn babies or their new infants are at greater risk from complications associated with the flu.

There are a range of changes that occur during pregnancy that put expectant mothers at greater risk, including changes to lung capacity, the immune system and heart rate response.

Pregnant women with existing medical conditions are at even greater risk of severe influenza-related illness.

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Whooping cough


Whooping cough (pertussis) is a highly infectious disease that is spread by coughing and sneezing. It’s caused by bacteria which damage the breathing tubes.

 Pregnant women can get a whooping cough booster vaccination for free.
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Nutrition during pregnancy

You should be taking 0.8mg Folic Acid supplement daily until about 14 weeks during your pregnancy. If you don’t have any please ask us for a prescription or you can purchase over the counter at a chemist. This is to help prevent spinal cord abnormalities in your baby. Ministry of Health recommends supplementary Iodine as we do not have Iodine in our soils in N.Z.

Iron and calcium rich foods are recommended as they support your baby’s growth and development. Good sources include: fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables, red meats, nuts, seeds, dairy products. Avoid drinking tea/coffee within an hour of meals as they can inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients. Nutrition is very important in pregnancy so if you require any further information please ask.